Surface aerators

Surface aerators

AAF ENVIROTEC’s range of surface aerators include vertical, horizontal and high-speed aerators. They can be adjusted to your every need.

GSA surface aerators are especially designed for industrial and municipal sewage treatment. They are the result of successful research and engineering work to find a reliable and economic aeration device, which ensures a unique circulation inside the aeration tank.

Fields of application :

  1. biologic sewage treatment (activated sludge process)
  2. sludge stabilization
  3. pond aeration (with floating aerators)
  4. gasation of liquids (chemical industry)

The AAF ENVIROTEC mammoth rotor ROTOX is designed for efficient oxygen transfer into waste water. The induction of turbulence is a further feature to meet the basic requirements of biological waste water treatment.

Mammoth rotors are horizontal surface aerators for oxygenation channels. The hollow shaft is fitted with aeration blades that generate a high pressure on the front side, which is transformed into kinetic energy (longitudinal flow). 

A partial vacuum is created on the rear that affects the intake of fine bubbles of air beneath the surface of the water.

The rotors are available in diameter 700 mm or 1000 mm.