Non-metallic sludge collector

Non-metallic sludge collector

The AAF non-metallic sludge collector is designed for rectangular settling tanks in water & wastewater treatment plants.

The drive unit is equipped with a UHMW-PE sprocket and overload release clutch.

The drive chain type NH - 78 is made of acetyl links connected by stainless steel bolts. The working load is 8,000 N, the breaking load is 22,200 N. Due to the black colour, ultra-violet radiation causes no harm to the chain.

The channel-shaped flights are made of pultruded fibreglass and they are designed for the toughest applications e.g. primary settling sludge.

The non-metallic collector chain type NCS 720 S is made of glass-reinforced polyester, chain pitch 6“ (152.4 mm), working load of collector chain: 12,500 N, breaking load: 31,600 N. The collector chain is connected by a pin (diameter 23.6 mm) of reinforced polyester, a pin with T-head and a lock ring for positioning.

The chain sprockets are made entirely of UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight PE) in a split design for easy installation with a long-life sprocket teeth contour and chain saver rim. The 23 T drive sprockets are manufactured with a pitch diameter of 565 mm, the 19 T return sprockets with a pitch diameter of 468 mm. Head shafts (drive) are key seated for both collector sprockets and the driven sprocket.

Wear strips with a low friction coefficient are used for the floor rails and return tracks. The strips are made from UHMW-PE, thickness ½“(12.7 mm). Length approx. 3 m with countersunk bolt and special washer made of stainless steel 1.4571 (316).