Kompaktklaeranlage 3

Compact sewage treatment plants

Compact sewage treatment plants combine extended aeration and clarifier in one tank. No primary sedimentation tank is required and the combination of aeration tank and final settling tank provides an extremely economical plant. The excess sludge produced during the biological treatment is mineralized and does not cause any annoying smells or fly nuisance.

Methods of construction are simple and may be either stainless steel, reinforced concrete or prefab concrete slabs. Tanks are preferably situated above ground to minimize site excavation costs.

The system has proved acceptable for domestic or industrial wastewater treatment.

Advantages of the AAF Envirotec Compact Treatment Plant

  • fully automatic operation
  • extended aeration
  • full nitrification, denitrification
  • low investment costs
  • low land consumption
  • handles shock and peak loads